World-Changing Coffee, Introduce businesses of HISBEANS



HISBEANS Consulting helps establish a standard business or social enterprise for subsidiaries in Korea so that all companies in Korea can work happily with PWDs. In addition, it is a solution for PWD's employment, vocational training, and case management through consignment operation.

HISBEANS is a business model that is already operating reliably in many places

Companies with HISBEANS Consulting can maintain stable employment for at least five to more than 100 PWD employees, which can reduce allotment for mandatory PWD employment by 100 to 2 billion won per year.

HISBEANS is expanding the base of employment for the PWD with various duties including coffee, restaurants, building management, document printing and shredding, and healthcare. It addresses corporate social responsibility and employee well-being at the same time, and provides the most optimized solution for any single person with disability to work happily and reliably.

HISBEANS Consulting is responsible for the four following things :

One, We will never give up on employment and management for the PWDs.

Two, we send professional manager for reliable management of the PWDs.

Three, we'll lessen the allotment for mandatory PWD employment every year.

Four, contract related to PWD employment, insurance, and new recruitment is one stop responsibility.           (In-house Lawyer)



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