Hisbeans is a social innovation brand that

develops a culture of working with PWD experts

On the year 2009 of September, it all began by the goal of creating a society where each and every disabled people could work happily. By placing our faiths in the strengths of each and every PWD individual, a decade has passed making the belief come true through 50 PWDs working happily.

There is a principle that Hisbeans has kept for the past 10 years. That is, to possess the heart of giving to a customer by providing the best product and service. Therefore, Hisbeans collect only the finest specialty ranked raw coffee beans and roast them ourselves daily. Not only do we prove that good coffee tastes sweet and neither bitter nor sour, we create the coffee culture that changes the world.


Hisbeans dreams of a society

where each and every PWD works happily together. 

3,000,000 in Korea, and approximately 1,000,000,000 disabled people in the world; until each and every disabled people works happily with their own strengths and professionalism, Hisbeans promises to genuinely love and connect with each and every individual. Changing the world through coffee, Hisbeans, thank you for joining us in this challenge.