Hisbeans Coffee Truck

Now, we will bring the coffee truck

directly to you.

Hisbeans mobile stores, called "Hisbeans to You," will travel all over the country to show you the culture of disabled and non-disabled individuals working together happily and encouraging each other, which you can experience at Hisbeans.

The special value

provided only by Hisbeans to You


The highest quality specialty grade coffee

At Hisbeans to You, you can taste the highest quality specialty grade coffee that is directly produced in the company's own roasting facility, the Hyangki production facility.

*A patented method used (Patent No. 10-2144655) to enhance the sweetness of their coffee.


Hisbeans to You's Special Gift of Experience

We offer a variety of warm and special events to improve awareness and understanding of people with disabilities. Creating Social Value through Hisbeans to You.


Hisbeans to you's

Social Value

Hisbeans to You creates social value by generating employment opportunities for severely disabled individuals and leading them to self-reliance and recovery.

*Through linked employment, it is possible to reduce the handicapped employment levy.



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