Hisbeans Catering

With a heart of giving gifts,

Hisbeans Catering provides

the best products and services.

Hisbeans Catering offers coffee beans that are roasted directly by professional roasters and desserts made by bakers. Along with catering, Hisbeans' warm stories are also shared.

Special values

provided by Hisbeans Catering


High-quality beverage offerings

1) 'Geisha' (Ethiopia), the COE (Cup of Excellence) consecutive 1st place coffee

2) SCA (Specialty Coffee Association) certified roasting experts systematically manage the use of coffee beans

3) Organic tea from RISHI used

*A patented coffee brewing method that enhances sweetness (Patent No. 10-2144655)

Social Value

A coffee brand that trains professionals with disabilities

A coffee brand that employs people with disabilities as coffee experts at its directly operated franchise stores and Hyangki production facility

Clean Production Facilities

Systematic management by experts and safe production facilities

All products are manufactured in a clean and hygienic environment certified by HACCP.



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