Hisbeans Coffee

Hisbeans, coffee that changes the world

with people with disabilities

Hisbeans Coffee is a specialty coffee brand of People with Fragrance, which strives to maintain the sweetest and finest coffee taste with specialty grade beans roasted and researched directly by people with disabilities, who are trained as coffee experts.

Hisbeans Coffee's

Three Core Values


Specialty grade, Arabica beans:

At Hisbeans, We make coffee with a focus on sweetness using specialty grade beans with a cupping score of 80 points or higher according to the Specialty Coffee Association (SCA) standards.


Strict quality control and freshness

We maintain strict quality control and freshness by using coffee beans that are roasted daily through a batch roasting method at the Hyangki production facility.

Social Responsibility

One cup of kind coffee that changes the world:

Hisbeans uses 100% of its net profits to support vocational training and job creation for people with disabilities and North Korean Defectors.

Barista Academy

8-step Barista Expert Training Program

Hisbeans Coffee trains professional baristas with disabilities to deliver a special taste and experience.

The "Barista Academy" offers an 8-stage curriculum specialized for people with disabilities.

Hisbeans operates its own roasting factory to ensure quality control.

Hyanki Factory


People with Fragrance operate the Hyangki production facility, a coffee specialist manufacturer that produces and distributes various coffee products.


A HACCP-certified company

We adhere to strict food safety standards for the entire production process, from raw material procurement to product manufacturing and distribution, including storage, selection, and metal detection.


A standard workplace

for the disabled

Our facility is also a standard workplace for people with disabilities, who work as experts in roasting, baking, distribution, packaging, and other areas.


We develop a sweet-centered coffee using our patented roasting method:

Under the guidance of technical consultants, who hold SCA AST qualifications (international certified coffee trainers and certification issuers) and Q-grader qualifications (coffee quality evaluators), as well as the director, who is an SCA member, we systematically manage all processes to develop a sweet-centered coffee using our patented roasting method, the "Well done Roasting," which minimizes the bitter taste and maximizes the sweet flavor and aroma.

We select the raw beans and adjust the roasting profile to produce sweet-centered coffee with the help of our patented roasting method.