Hisbeans Consulting

Hisbeans solves

the difficulty of employing people

with disabilities.

Hisbeans Consulting helps all businesses in Korea establish subsidiary standard workshops or social enterprises within the company so that people with disabilities can work happily. In addition, it is a disability employment solution that takes responsibility for disability employment, vocational education, and case management through entrusted operation of workplaces.

Hisbeans Consulting is an established business model that has been successfully implemented in various locations.

Companies that receive Hisbeans Consulting services can maintain stable employment of at least 5 to up to 100 disabled individuals, reducing employment burden costs by over 100 million to 2 billion won per year.

Hisbeans provides the most optimized solution for disabled individuals to work happily and stably, resolving a company's social responsibility and employee welfare simultaneously.

Hisbeans Consulting

takes responsibility

for the following four things:


We never give up on employing and managing people with disabilities.


We constantly dispatch professional managers to ensure stable management of people with disabilities.


We take care of the annual burden of employment-related costs for people with disabilities.


We take care of all aspects related to employment of people with disabilities, including contracts, insurance, and new hires, as a one-stop solution.