Our Vision

Hisbeans dreams of a world where all individuals with disabilities work joyfully together, without hindrance.

Until the day when the 10 billion people with disabilities worldwide, including 3 million in the Republic of Korea, work happily with their unique strengths and expertise, Hisbeans will strive to make this vision a reality.

Social Impact

Hisbeans promises a sustainable future for people with disabilities.

Direct employment of 31 vulnerable group members, including 25 individuals with severe disabilities, who have worked a total of 23,116 hours.

Indirect employment of 80 vulnerable group members.

60% of all employees are individuals with disabilities, demonstrating Hisbeans' commitment to creating a world where everyone can work together.

*These results are based on the year 2022.

His Business

We introduce Hisbeans' business dedicated to working with individuals with disabilities towards a world where everyone can work together.